Dennis Schubert

Apple may collect your contacts

2014-10-24 privacy

Some people read my blog post about Apples Spotlight search and I received mails from people telling me they are shocked about the private information shared with Apple. I was quite surprised by the amount of shocked mails because I thought people already assumed Apple knows almost everything…

There is another thing you should know. The problem I am going to write about is nothing new and is part of Apples iMessage, but it affects you if you are not using Apples Messaging stuff at all.

Imagine you use to manage your contacts. You have disabled all iCloud sync options you found and you do not use any kind of remote contact synchronizing. You did not set up to chat with your friends and you have no iPhone paired to your computer. So your contact data is pretty safe, huh?

Well, no. Sorry.

I created an example contact called Jane Doe with two telephone numbers and two email addresses. Most contacts will look like this. I have not set up my nor am I using FaceTime (I actually disabled the account in FaceTimes preferences) and you might have done the same. As you can see, you will see a Facetime and a voice calling button. These buttons will turn green if the contact is available on FaceTime.

Can you guess how Apple checks the online/offline status of your contacts? Well. Let’s have a look at the network traffic when accessing this contact in

(These are four independent requests, but I extracted the first URL part and I decoded the encoded chars in the address to make it more readable.)


And there is a personalized header in those requests:

x-id-self-uri: mailto:[the email address you used in your Apple account]

I do not claim that Apple will collect the email addresses and telephone numbers, but obviously they could do that. And, as far as I can tell, there is no way to disable the query for a contact’s online status.