Dennis Schubert

About me!

I am a software overengineer1 working on things like the Internet’s interoperability, privacy and related topics. I also do other stuff on occasion.

Stuff I know

Ordered by level of knowledge and the amount of time I spend yelling at each.

  • JavaScript. All flavors.
  • Rust. Everything oxidizes if you give it enough time.
  • Ruby. Sometimes even on Rails!
  • C/C++/C#. Yes, I grouped C, C++, and C# together, and there is nothing you can do about that.

Abbreviated career history

  • Currently: Web Superglue Engineer at Mozilla.
    • Diagnosing “weird edge-cases” in the web, figuring out where and why stuff breaks.
    • Communicating, coordinating, and collaborating across different teams/organizations/web developers/browser vendors/spec bodies/… to resolve issues and to keep the web usable for our users.
  • Some freelancing and contracting work, web development, and some very specific (and NDAed) automation/communication stuff.
  • Full-time at a Web Development Agency.
    • Planning and building websites and web applications, finding the intersection between what customers say they want and what they actually want.

A more complete history may be available on LinkedIn.


  • diaspora*, a federated social network built on Ruby on Rails and lots of JS.
    • Was involved in the project for 11 years. Did some coding, helping contributors, lots of project management-things, and so on. Stopped actively working on diaspora* because I wanted to focus on other things.
  • camo-rs, an HTTP proxy for assets (mainly images) to route requests through an always-encrypted connection, written in Rust. You might know the project this was inspired from: the original camo originated at GitHub, where it is responsible for proxying all external assets embedded inside Markdown files and other places.

There are more things I could mention, and I am bad at keeping this updated, so it is probably a good idea to check my GitHub profile. These days, I tend to build most of my projects in private for reasons(tm), so please do reach out to me if you want to know more.

Other things I do

  • Photography.
  • Occasional hardware projects. Microcontrollers are fun, and a wonderful place to overengineer things.
  • Occasional 3D/GFX/VFX stuff.
  • Finding new and exciting ways to convince game engines to display pretty stuff for me. (This used to say “game development”, but building games is not really what I do.)

Want to talk?

That is me! Or, so people think.

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Via eMail

I am sometimes bad at eMail, so replies may be delayed. Sorry about that!

Social media

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If I do not reply, please use asynchronous messaging.

Artsy things


  • Ko-Fi for those few folks who want to buy me a coffee or two because they really like something I did.

Other “denschub”s on the internet might be me, but there are a couple of fake ones out there, so beware.

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  1. But am I really overengineering everything, you might ask. Well, for work stuff, the answer is no! Although I usually like to take “likely edge-cases” into account, I do not spend my time working on stuff nobody cares about. However, for my private projects, things might be different! I mean, you are reading a footnote right now; what did you expect?